Aerial view of two bald eagles sitting on the Gull Rock chimney. They made it through another winter!


Aerial views of two bald eagles sitting on the Gull Rock chimney. The birds may be local.


Photo courtesy of Jeff Shook, Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy.

An undated photo from the archives at Michigan Tech University shows the Gull Rock Light in a handsome condition, with an unidentified lightkeeper standing in the open doorway. The lighthouse and outhouse appear unpainted, and the lighthouse windows are bordered by handsome dark-colored open shutters. A two-story (mountain ash) tree is visible immediately adjacent to the north side of the keeper’s dwelling. A large dock juts out from the north side of the white boathouse, and a commercial fisherman’s net-drying wheel is visible on the west side of the boathouse. There also seems to be an elevated walkway leading from the back of the keeper’s dwelling to a raised portion of the rock that is adorned with a laundry-drying rack.

Undated photo from the Michigan Tech archives shows the south side of the station, with another dock visible on that end of the island. The south side seawall appears to be painted white or whitewashed. A dormer, near the southeast corner of the roof, is clearly visible.

This photo from the archives dated 1915 also shows the lighthouse as being in its natural brick color.






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