December 2011

Gull Rock Lighthouse received some exciting media attention this year when The Keeperís Log, the nationís most prestigious lighthouse magazine, featured a cover story about Gull Rock in February. The Keeperís Log is published by the United States Lighthouse Society, and we were thrilled to see a large color photo of Gull Rock on the cover, with five pages of illustrated text inside. That cover story was followed by another four-page spread about Gull Rock in the May issue. After all the hard work and loyal support we have received over the years, it was fulfilling to see Gull Rock featured in a two-part series on the national stage.

Meanwhile out on The Rock, things moved slower than expected this year. With all the necessary funding in hand, we had planned to restore the badly deteriorated floors of the lighthouse during the summer of 2011. But thanks to a series of unexpected delays, by the time we were poised to request bids on the restoration work it was so late in the season that we feared construction crews might face Lake Superiorís fierce and unpredictable fall storms by the time the work was complete. Consequently for safety reasons we decided to postpone the floor restoration project until the summer of 2012.

The money for that restoration work came from two key sources: contributions from loyal grassroots supporters, and a larger matching grant from the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program. At this writing, while our restoration budget looks good for next year, our operating budget could use some help. Like any nonprofit, it can be easier for us to raise funds for brick-and-mortar work than for the routine expenses that are required to keep our volunteer organization functioning on a day-to-day basis.

So as we enter the holiday season this year, please keep Gull Rock in mind as you make your year-end tax-deductible contributions. We have accomplished a lot at the lighthouse in a short period of time. But none of that would have been possible if not for the contributions that we have always received from lighthouse enthusiasts throughout North America. Thank you as always for your loyal support, and Happy Holidays from all of us at Gull Rock.

All the best,

Peter Annin
Executive Director


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