The ultimate goal of Gull Rock Lightkeepers is to restore the lighthouse to its pre-automation condition of a century ago, and to make the light’s interior accessible to the public on a limited basis that is compatible with the lightstation’s remote and inhospitable surroundings.  Gull Rock sits out in the open, unprotected waters of Lake Superior and is virtually inaccessible  during much of the year.

2006 Public Raffle for VIP Tour and Trip Journal

Despite the lighthouse’s remote location, Gull Rock Lightkeepers and the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy remain committed to making the light station accessible to the general public—albeit in a very limited way. Gull Rock Lightkeepers hopes to hold an annual raffle good for one private VIP day-trip tour of the Gull Rock Lighthouse. The first VIP raffle was held in Copper Harbor, MI during the summer of 2006, awarding one person, and a guest, an exclusive personalized tour of the Gull Rock Lighthouse. Future raffle rules and information will be posted at a later date.

Gull Rock Lightkeepers is staffed entirely by volunteers. The 2006 raffle and all future raffle proceeds go to the restoration and maintenance of Gull Rock Lighthouse.

Those who would like to make a tax-deductible donation in support of restoration work at Gull Rock Lighthouse, can send checks to Gull Rock Lightkeepers at the address listed below. A personal letter of appreciation confirming your tax-deductible contribution will be sent to you by Gull Rock Lightkeepers.

Our Address:

Gull Rock Lightkeepers
PO Box 126
Copper Harbor, MI 49918

Or, if you prefer, you can use your credit card or PayPal account to make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on the "Donate" button below.

Gull Rock Fellowship Program (Not yet available)

Gull Rock is an inspirational place. Once the building is stabilized, and restoration is underway, a fellowship residency program is planned at Gull Rock for scholars and professionals in the arts, letters and sciences. This fellowship will be modeled after the Artist-in-Residence program at Isle Royale National Park. The difference is that Gull Rock’s fellowships will not be limited just to artists, but will be open to any practitioner of the arts, letters and sciences. Accepted applicants will be transported to Gull Rock for fellowship residencies lasting up to one month, where they will be free to live and work in an atmosphere unencumbered by the distractions of modern life.

Fellowship recipients can be accompanied by a spouse, and will be required to provide for their own food during their entire stay at Gull Rock. Conditions at Gull Rock are extremely primitive and resemble those experienced by the original keepers. The light station has no running water, there is no electricity or means of refrigeration, and the only cooking source is the lighthouse’s wood-burning stove. Once fellowships are completed, alumni will be asked to make their work (and log entries) at Gull Rock accessible to the public via the Gull Rock Lightkeepers website and other venues. They also will be asked to give a local talk about their fellowship experience once it is complete. Fellowships cannot be offered until restoration of the buildings is well underway. However, potential applicants are encouraged to send a letter of interest or brief email to GRL at the contact information listed below. Once restoration has reached a point where fellowships can be offered, individuals who have sent their contact information to GRL will be notified that the application selection process has begun.

Again, our address is:

Gull Rock Lightkeepers
PO Box 126
Copper Harbor, MI 49918

Boat Tours

Fred's Charters offers charted sightseeing trips out of Copper Harbor. Rates for the 2010 season are $85 per hour. For more information, contact them at 906-289-4849.

The Isle Royale Queen IV out of Copper Harbor offers evening sunset cruises that often pass within view of Gull Rock. For more information contact the operators of the Queen directly at (906) 289-4437 or see

(Gull Rock Lightkeepers is not affiliated with Fred's Charters or the Isle Royale Queen IV.)

Because of the dangerous nautical conditions surrounding Gull Rock, private mariners should not attempt to access the rock on their own.

Questions? Send an email to

This site is still under construction; check back soon for more photos and historical information.

Gull Rock Lighthouse Lantern Room

Gull Rock Lighthouse in Calm Water

Gull Nest

Gull Rock Lighthouse at Sunset


Photos provided by Jeff Shook and Mike Kohlman



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